Our Brands

Our subsidiaries work as independent entities and also support each other to create a full ecosystem within the CBD industry.

Media & E-Commerce Funnels: Our media and e-commerce funnels include our CBD cannabis focused ezines and review sites. These assets gather industry data to provide to our platforms.

Marketplace & Supplier Sites: Cannmed Products & our Marketplace, launches in Q2 2021, bring together several vetted, compliant CBD manufacturing companies, providing start-ups and established businesses moving on to the CBD scene a one stop location for their product creation which they can trust. 

Financial Services: LumiPay is a payment gateway service which is approved for all industries including high risk industries, originally focusing on the CBD industry LumiPay has now moved to focusing on the general e-commerce industry. 

CBD Brands: Set to grow exponentially in 2021, Poko is the groups flagship brand, a natural skincare company harnessing the power of CBD. Our new CBD brand Canndid is a more playful CBD user brand focusing on recreational CBD market.