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Poko and Canndid Honoured at Cannavist Magazine Awards With Slew of Nominations

Poko and Canndid Honoured at Cannavist Magazine Awards With Slew of Nominations

The Poko group is excited to announce yet more nominations for their CBD products in the upcoming 2021 Cannavist Magazine Awards. Products from two of their flagship brands Poko and Canndid have been nominated in a total of seven categories for this years’ awards. Three Canndid CBD edible/food supplement products have been nominated in three categories in this years’ awards and five of Poko’s skincare products have been selected in three categories by Cannavist.

Every year, Cannavist Magazine honours the best in the CBD and health and wellness industries throughout the world with a collection of 19 prestigious awards. These awards, and indeed, the Cannavist brand itself is both a tastemaker and industry expert in the CBD sphere. The appearance of eight Poko group products indicates the level of recognition these two brands are earning.


This isn’t the first time the Irish-owned CBD cosmetics firm has received recognition from experts in both the beauty and the CBD sectors. Poko Skincare is quickly acquiring a reputation for producing high-quality products that consumers enjoy implementing into their beauty and skincare routine.

The Dundalk-based firm has won numerous honours since it started out. They were nominated for the best CBD product and Destination Deluxe for Skincare Brand of the Year 2020 in Your Healthy Living 2020. Poko’s Correcting Eye Cream won the Beauty Bible Awards, and their Luxury Facial Oil won the Your Healthy Living Awards 2021 for Best CBD Oil. They also earned the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny seal of approval this year, indicating that none of their products, components, or procedures is tested on animals.

Poko products were shortlisted for the ASOS Beauty Awards in four categories in 2020. Skincare: Best in Class, New Holistic Wellness Hero 2020, New Skincare Treatment 2020, New Targeted Skincare Solution 2020, and New Holistic Wellness Hero 2020 Poko is also honoured to have received a nomination for their Smoothing Serum in this year’s Asos awards. The winners of which will be announced in February. The products and their respective categories appearing in the Cannavist awards are below.


Best CBD Skincare

Luxury Facial Oil

Azelaic Acid Spot Gel

Best Skincare

Light Hydrating Moisturiser

Soothing Serum

Best Bodycare

Hempsoriasis Balm


Canndid has always been a well respected CBD brand that had a reputation for top-quality products and transparency in an industry that sometimes lacked it. The recent rebrand, digital content update and launch of new products like Canndid’d CBD pouches has cemented the brand’s image as a trustworthy, accessible and attractive CBD supplement and edibles provider. 

Three of Canndid’s products appear in this year’s Cannavist awards in three separate categories; impressive showing from a CBD provider. The products and their respective categories are listed below.


Best CBD Tincture

Mixed Berry Tincture

Best Sleep Aid

Camomile Tea

Best CBD Edible

CBD Gummy

Key Takeaways

Two of our flagship brands are gaining industry recognition for their output, long may this continue. Not only does it reflect the fact that the Poko group’s brands are building a stellar reputation with industry peers, but it’s also an own goal in terms of branding, content marketing and new customer acquisition for the respective brands.

At present, the Poko group team is working hard to gain traction on this slew of awards with new content and social media campaigns and competitions that capitalise on this recognition. The Cannavist award winners announcement is coming up just in time for Christmas and the Poko award winners will be announced this coming February ensuring lots of exposure over the upcoming months. The messaging that both these Poko brands are widely nominated for industry awards is of course, something that will be strongly incorporated in future marketing outreach.

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